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  nalewka z owoców dzikiej róży  2022

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nalewka z owoców dzikiej róży

Wild  rose  tincture


  • Fruit of the wild rose  3 kg
  • Spirits  2 liters
  • Water  1,5 liters
  • Forest honey, or multi-flower honey  1 litre
  • One lemon juice
  • Cloves  15 pieces
  • Chamomile dried  2 tea bags to brew
  • Two teaspoons of mint dried
  • A handful of raisins

     Collect the fruit of the wild rose, wash, cut off the petioles and stalks and put into a jar. Mix the spirit with water, pour into the jar, add spices. Leave on a sunny window sill for a month pour the liquid and add honey to the rose fruit. After two weeks pour the honey. Pour warm water over the wild rose in the amount of half a litre and strain it. Combine all the liquids. Depending on the honey used, the tincture may not be very clear - it may be additionally filtered. If you want a crystal-clear tincture, we should first of all honey or sugar dissolved in water - we should no longer boil, or boil it and collect it from the top of the scum. Then we pour the fruits with such a solution, then we drain them. After a few months of clarifying and ripening we pour the tincture and tightly cork.