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nalewka z owoców dzikiej róży Nalewki domowe

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quince  tincture


  • Ripe fruits of the quince tree  3 kg
  • Spirits  3 liters
  • Water  1,5 liters
  • Forest honey, or multi-flower honey  1 litre
  • Carnations  10 pieces
  • Cinnamon bark  1 piece

     Quince fruits should be stored for several weeks in a cool place, in a basket covered with canvas. If you want to use them for your tincture, rinse them off, cut them into quarters and remove the seeds. They are best shredded with a mixer, just like cucumbers for the misery. Pour the fruit into a 10-litre jar and pour the crushed spirit over it. Add cloves and cinnamon bark cut into thin strips. If the fruit is not fully submerged, add vodka. Leave it in a warm place. Shake the jar from time to time. After four weeks, pour off the liquid from above the fruit. Pour liquid honey over the fruit and leave for 2 weeks. From time to time it is worth stirring. Pour off the liquid again and squeeze out the fruit on a press or using a vignette press. Combine all the obtained liquids and initially stir from time to time in order to dissolve honey better, and then set aside for self-cleaning. Depending on the honey used, the tincture may not be very clear - it may be additionally filtered. If you want a crystal-clear tincture, we should first of all honey or sugar dissolved in water - we should no longer boil, or boil it and collect it from the top of the scum. Then we pour the fruit with such a solution. When the sediment settles on the bottom and the rest of the tincture is clear, pour the snake into dark bottles and tightly cork it. Leave for at least a few months in a cool place. People who prefer sweet nalewkas may additionally cover the fruit with a kilogram of sugar, in addition to honey.